United States Coast Guard Genesis of the U.S. Coast Guard Clevel in addition to Commission C

United States Coast Guard Genesis of the U.S. Coast Guard Clevel in addition to Commission C www.phwiki.com

United States Coast Guard Genesis of the U.S. Coast Guard Clevel in addition to Commission C

Reid, Dixie, Features Reporter has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal United States Coast Guard Genesis of the U.S. Coast Guard Clevel in addition to Commission Charles Nagel Franklin MacVeagh 12 March 1914-Passage in the Senate Sent to the House Intercession of President Wilson 20 January 1915 – Passage in the House President William Howard Taft “Act to Create the Coast Guard” 28 January 1915 – signed by President Wilson Combined the USLSS & RCS Armed Service by statute President Woodrow Wilson

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Ellsworth P. Bertholf Class of 1887 First RCS officer to attend NWC 1897- Overl in addition to Expedition 19 June 1911 – Captain-Comm in addition to ant of RCS January 1915 – First Comm in addition to ant of the Coast Guard International Ice Patrol Commodore during World War I 30 June 1919 – Retired 11 November 1921-Died World War I 6 April 1917- US declared war on Germany USCG transferred to US Navy Cutters Districts & Personnel Comm in addition to of Air Stations & Naval Vessels President Wilson asks Congress to Declare War on Germany USCG & Navy Officers Coast Guardsman Drill at Ft. Trumbull, CT Loss of Tampa Convoy escort duty 26 September 1918 131 dead Largest US naval loss of the war Artist’s Depiction of Tampa’s sinking USCGC Tampa

Captains of thePort 15 June 1917 – Espionage Act 6 December 1917 – Mont Blanc disaster Ensure it does not happen in US Increased munitions shipments Captain of the Port CAPT Godfrey L. Carden New York harbor as largest CG comm in addition to 4 October 1918 – Munitions fire in New Jersey Joseph E. Stika – Navy Cross Godfrey L. Carden Carden at Work Seneca & the Wellington Rescue Derelict destroyer & convoy escort 16 September 1918 – convoy to Gibraltar Wellington torpedoed First Lieutenant Fletcher Brown in addition to his volunteers Storm 11 Dead Navy Cross Seneca places a damage control crew aboard the torpedoed tanker Wellington Navy Cross Elmer Stone & NC-4 CG Aviator 1 USN Navy Expedition Competing against the British 8 May 1919 – NAS Rockaway 27 May 1919 – Lisbon Navy Cross NC-4 crewmen; Stone 2nd from right NC-4 l in addition to s in Lisbon after trans-Atlantic flight

Fighting as long as Survival Josephus Daniels Campbell Bill Carter Glass Officers in Favor Enlisted Joint Resolution Executive Order 3160 William F. Reynolds William F. Reynolds Prohibition 18th Amendment Volstead Act Coast Guard mission Government Agents Destroy Barrels of Liquor Fighting the “Rum War” Bootlegging Insufficient budgets Andrew W. Mellon Appropriations Frederick C. Billard Comm in addition to ant Frederick C. Billard

“Rumrunners” Almeida Kirk in addition to Sweeney loaded with rum Underwriter Speedboat seized by the Coast Guard Destroyers as long as the Coast Guard Enlarging the USCG Temporary increase Destroyers unsuitable 750-tonners, 1,000-tonners, & “flush deckers” Destroyer crewmen conduct gunnery practice Destroyers Tucker (L) & Cassin (R) at the Philly Navy Yard USCGD Paulding with a seized “rum runner” Patrol Craft to Combat the “Rumrunners” 75 foot “Six-Bitter” 38’ Cabin Picket Boat Experimental Armed Loening OL-5 100-foot patrol boat Petrel

SIGINT, Elizabeth Friedman, & USCG Cryptanalysis Signals Intelligence Introduction of codes Elizabeth Smith Friedman Elizabeth Smith Friedman Coast Guard Radio Direction Finder Frank L. Meals Ensign Duke CG-2327 Duke climbed onto the ship Alone as long as 9 hours 3,000 50-gallon drums Captured 22 men Ensign Duke climbs aboard SS Economy Ensign Charles L. Duke Horace Alderman & I’m Alone CG-249 in addition to Boastwain S in addition to erlin Boatswain Paul, Wolcott, & Dexter 20 casualties per year Horace Alderman I’m Alone crewmen

End of Prohibition Prohibition unpopular FDR Beer-Wine Revenue Act 21st Amendment Sea change as long as USCG Expression of Popular Sentiment Franklin Delano Roosevelt Prohibition repealed “Iceberg” Smith & the Marion Expedition International Ice Patrol Edward H. Smith Oceanographic unit Marion Expedition Woods Hole Edward “Iceberg” Smith USCGC Marion USCG in the early 1930s Interdicting guns & drugs Harry G. Hamlet Small budgets Cost cutting Combination with the US Navy CNO William V. Pratt Congressional resistance Harry G. Hamlet

Russell R. Waesche Early career Headquarters Post-World War I Destroyer Forces Return to HQ Navy War Plans Division Aide to Comm in addition to ant Deep Selection Longest-serving Comm in addition to ant Russell R. Waesche Itasca & Amelia Earhart Lae to Howl in addition to Isl in addition to USCGC Itasca Radio navigation USS Lexington Speculation Amelia Earhart USCGC Itasca USLHS Joins the USCG Reorganization Plan No. 11 Efficiency & Economy Integration of 5,200 personnel in addition to other assets 7 July 1939

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Outbreak of World War II 1 September 1939 – Germany Invades Pol in addition to 3 September – Britain & France declare war US Declares Its Neutrality June 1940- France Falls 22 June 1940 – Espionage Act Dangerous Cargo Act Lend-Lease 2 September 1940 11 March 1941 End of Isolationism Terms April-May 1941 Atlantic Charter USCGC Saranac became HMS Banff Roosevelt & Churchill on board HMS Prince of Wales in July 1941 Greenl in addition to 9 April 1941 Coast Guard primary service USCGC Northl in addition to & Buskoe Executive Order No. 8829 Greenl in addition to Patrol Buskoe USCGC Northl in addition to

Modoc & Bismarck Breakout into the Atlantic 24 May 1941 Battle of Denmark Straits Torpedo plane attack – Bismarck’s AA fire – HMS Norfolk – HMS Prince of Wales USCGC Modoc British Swordfish attack Bismarck World War II – U.S. Attacked Taney Walnut Wakefield LT Crotty Taney at Honolulu, 7 December 1941 Wakefield under attack at Singapore Crotty as a cadet, 1934 USCGC Walnut Douglas A. Munro 27 September 1942- Guadalcanal Coxswain of Higgins Boat “Chesty” Puller Killed by enemy fire Only Coast Guardsman awarded the Medal of Honor

United States Coast Guard

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