United States Navy Ships Submarines Special Warfare Support Forces

United States Navy Ships Submarines Special Warfare Support Forces www.phwiki.com

United States Navy Ships Submarines Special Warfare Support Forces

Pierce, Jennifer, Executive Producer has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal United States Navy The United States Navy Mission: To provide combat-ready naval as long as ces capable of winning wars, deterring aggression, preserving freedom of the seas, in addition to promoting peace in addition to security. Sustaining Combat Readiness Building a Fleet of the Future Developing 21st Century leaders 278 ships in commission 4000+ operational aircraft Personnel deployed: 65,000 116 Ships underway: (42%) 7 carriers underway 29 subs underway The Navy Aug. 16, 2007 1992 550,000 active duty personnel 460 ships 2007 339,000 active duty personnel 177,000 Navy civilians 69,000 reserves Today’s Navy

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Ships Carrier Strike Groups Expeditionary Strike Groups Expeditionary Strike Force Submarines Fast Attack (SSN) – Los Angeles, Seawolf & Virginia Classes Ballistic Missile (SSBN) – Ohio Class Guided Missile (SSGN) – Converted Ohio Class Advanced SEAL Delivery System (ASDS) Special Warfare Sea Air L in addition to (SEAL) Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) SEAL Boat Units

Support Forces Medical & Dental Judge Advocate’s General (JAG) Public Affairs (PAO) Chaplains Navy B in addition to s & Musicians Intelligence & Cryptology Supply Corps Seabees People Navy Support to GWOT Navy is continuing to exp in addition to operations afloat in addition to ashore as long as the security operations Forces at sea in the Arabian Gulf in addition to nearby waters will remain at approximately 18,000 Just over 13,000 Sailors currently support operations ashore in the Central Comm in addition to region (Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, in addition to Afghanistan)

Navy’s Support Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) Carrier Strike Group (CSG) Expeditionary Strike Group (ESG) Aviation support in country Navy Rotary wing SOF support Air Ambulance Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance P-3C Orion in addition to EA-6B Prowlers Embedded Training Teams Medical – Expeditionary Medical Hospital Naval Mobile Construction Battalions Riverine Squadron Provincial Reconstruction Teams Explosive Ordnance Disposal Counter-Rocket Artillery Mortar (C-RAM) Intercept Battery Teams Cargo H in addition to ling Intelligence Military Working Dogs Customs Inspectors Civil Affairs MP/Security/Detainee operations Mobile Security Detachments Navy’s Support Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) Afghanistan Special Warfare Sourcing non-combat arms positions as long as 6 Provincial Reconstruction Teams Aviation Support in Country EA-6B Prowler P-3C Orion Embedded Training Teams Naval Mobile Construction Battalion Mazar-e-Sharif 713nm Kabul 695nm Herat 591nm Q in addition to ahar 391nm Bahrain 800nm Power Projection – OEF Long Distance Strikes in addition to Long Distance Logistics Fujairah 400nm Logistics pipeline: CONUS/Rota/Sig/Bahrain/Fujairah Night Flight ops Logistics in between 60–80 sorties/day 4.5 – 9 hrs in the seat >650 combat sorties

Post 9/11 Effects on U.S. Navy Building the Global Network of Maritime Nations Focus on the War On Terror Greatly Enhanced Theater Security Cooperation Providing Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief (HA/DR) Proactive cost of security vs. reactive cost of war Global Facts 2.2 billion people live within 100 km of coast 50,000 large ships carry 80% of the world’s trade 10,000 oil tankers ship 60% of the world’s petroleum 238 major cruise ships embarked 10.5 million people in 2004 Global Commerce is Linked to Maritime Security 75% of the earth’s surface is water World’s fleets carry around 90% of global exports – $8.9 trillion (2004) $380 billion in freight rates 303 million containers 46,000 commercial ships worldwide Over 6300 warships worldwide Over 30 nations have navies with “global reach” 160 nations have some navy, coast guard, maritime police capability Global Economy Depends on the Ocean Highways

Sea Power More Important Than Ever Economic Prosperity Globalization in addition to International Markets Trade (90% by Sea) Need Safe in addition to Secure Maritime Domain Need Effective Maritime Forces U.S. cannot do It alone! Vision as long as the Future The “1000 Ship Navy” A Global Maritime Partnership Purpose of the 1,000 Ship Navy A Global Approach to Maritime Security as long as : Countering Trans-National Threats Stability Operations Humanitarian Relief Security of Individual Nations is tied to Global Security Freedom of the Seas is Essential to Every Nation’s Economic Well-being Think Globally, Act Locally

The Concept of a “1000 Ship Navy” A New Approach to Maritime Security A Global Maritime Network flying no single flag Incentives: Secure Growth of World Economies Spread Democracy while deterring aggression in addition to transnational crime Already Exists – But not Fully Realized More a matter of Will than Money Must invest in Partnerships Maritime Analog of International Civil Aviation (ICAO) Shared Info Anomaly detection/response Cooperation, Coordination, in addition to Communication Collaborative Ef as long as t Any Country, Any Company Any Maritime Entity – Navies, Coast Guards, Coast/Harbor Patrols No Treaties, Alliances, or Encumbering ties National Sovereignty First Collective Security through Cooperation What Who Costs A Familiar Concept Questions

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