Urbanization Research A Core/Periphery Hierarchy

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Urbanization Research A Core/Periphery Hierarchy

Peckenpaugh, Douglas, Managing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal dynamics of urban, regional in addition to ecosystem networks Since the Iron age Christopher Chase-Dunn in addition to Robert Hanneman Sociology, University of Cali as long as nia-Riverside Bai-Lian Li Botany in addition to Plant Sciences, University of Cali as long as nia-Riverside Peter Turchin Ecology in addition to Evolutionary Biology, University of Connecticut Douglas R. White Social Dynamics in addition to Evolution, University of Cali as long as nia, Irvine city lights To be submitted to the National Science Foundation’s Human in addition to Social Dynamics initiative A 4 year research project. Start date: January 1, 2005. Topical areas = “agents of change” in addition to “dynamics of human behavior” Resource-related emphasis areas: spatial social science, modeling human in addition to social dynamics, in addition to instrumentation in addition to data resource development. This will be one sub-proposal module within a coordinated larger infrastructural proposal with CSISS(UCSB), IMBS(UCI), IROWS(UCR) ESRI in addition to SFI. This project will model urban growth/decline phases in addition to the centralization/decentralization phases of interstate systems in the preindustrial in addition to modern regional systems, in addition to will test propositions about how the emergence in addition to eventual predominance of commodity production in addition to markets may have altered the dynamics of urban growth in addition to rise in addition to fall. The data resource development will focus on city in addition to state sizes, trade routes in addition to amounts, warfare, climate change, in addition to epidemic diseases, in addition to the classification of states in addition to nomadic peoples as to their position in intersocietal hierarchies (core, periphery in addition to semiperiphery). The project will develop multiple indicator measurement error models to construct many of the quantitative estimates. Data resource development will include the publication of a raw data compendium on the web as well as our final estimates. This will be a spatio-temporal data archive on all the large cities in addition to states since 1000 BCE as well as data on climate change, trade, migration in addition to incursions, warfare in addition to population size estimates.

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The theoretical approach will employ Peter Turchin’s model of the dynamics of agrarian state growth in addition to decline, network theory in addition to the population pressure iteration model. The “agents of change” focus will test the hypothesis of “semiperipheral development” – that it is semiperipheral societies that exp in addition to systems, make larger states, innovate in addition to implement new techniques of power in addition to new productive technologies that trans as long as m the logic of social change. We will develop dynamic nonlinear models of regional systems. These models will explain synchrony among distant regions, in addition to we can test our models with the database that we will produce. The spatial in addition to temporal focus will be: four regions in Afroeurasia from 1000 BCE to 1500 CE in addition to then global to the present. The analyses will use GIS, spatio-temporal statistical methods, network analyses in addition to structural equations modeling to test our theoretical models. The comparative world-systems perspective: The best unit of analysis as long as explaining social evolution is world-systems. What is a World-System: A System of Societies – Intersocietal System Nested Interaction Networks Core/Periphery Relations Agency: The Iteration Model of Hierarchy Formation in addition to Technological Development: Semiperipheral Development The Rise in addition to Fall of Large Polities in interpolity systems Urbanization Research Time-Mapping Cities, Empires in addition to States Since 1000 BCE The Central System Pulsations of Integration of the Afroeurasian World Isl in addition to Synchrony of East/West City in addition to Empire Growth/Decline Phases The New Ch in addition to ler: improving our knowledge of the population sizes of the largest cities in East Asia, South Asia, in addition to the West Asian/Mediterranean regions since 1000 BCE

Interstate system in addition to world economy A Core/Periphery Hierarchy Core Semiperiphery Periphery All these blobs are societies

Rise in addition to fall of large in addition to powerful polities within regional interpolity systems

The Afroeurasian World-System: Teggart’s Map, 100 BCE

4000 BCE 2000 CE Time West East Central PGN Central PMN East Asian PGN Mongol Empire East Asian PMN East/West Pulsations in addition to Merger Core-Wide Empire vs. Modern Hegemony Synchronization of East/West City in addition to Empire Growth/Decline Phases Local Climate Change West Asia Central Asia East Asia Local Climate Change Local Climate Change Agriculture Human Population Human Population Pasturage in addition to Herds Agriculture Human Population Empire Formation Steppe Empire Formation Empire Formation City Growth/Decline City Growth/Decline (Trade, Epidemics) Warfare Warfare

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