VA Benefits in addition to Services Briefing as long as Transitioning Service Members Introduction

VA Benefits in addition to Services Briefing as long as Transitioning Service Members Introduction

VA Benefits in addition to Services Briefing as long as Transitioning Service Members Introduction

Opalka, Anna, Features Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal VA Benefits in addition to Services Briefing as long as Transitioning Service Members Introduction VA benefits can affect you now, in addition to as long as the rest of your life Introduction Content VA – Purpose & Organization Compensation & Pension Health Care Readjustment Counseling Education Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment Life Insurance Home Loan Guaranty Burial & Survivor Benefits Other Benefits & Services Conclusion & Contacts Introduction

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“To care as long as him who shall have borne the battle in addition to as long as his widow in addition to his orphan ” – Abraham Lincoln – Introduction VA Veterans Benefits Administration All VA benefits – Compensation, Education, Home Loan Guaranty, etc. Administered by VA Regional Offices Veterans Health Administration All VA health care services Administered by VA Medical Centers, Ambulatory Care & Community Based Outpatient Clinics, etc. National Cemetery Administration National in addition to State Veterans Cemeteries Headstones & Markers Presidential Memorial Certificates Introduction Compensation as long as Service-Connected Disabilities Compensation & Pension

A service-connected disability is a disease or injury incurred or aggravated while on active duty. The disability does not have to be combat or wartime related. Compensation Compensation Disability Examples Torn knee ligament Amputation Heart disease Post traumatic stress (including the result of sexual trauma) Skin condition such as psoriasis Compensation & Pension Disabilities are rated from 0% to 100% VA rating is independent of any military rating Payments begin with 10% ratings Additional allowance as long as dependents with 30% or higher rating Compensation Compensation & Pension

Compensation – Sample Rates S – Spouse C = Child(ren) Rates effective Dec 1, 2009 Compensation & Pension Compensation Compensation is tax free Additional Special Monthly Compensation added as long as loss of limb, organ, etc. Concurrent retired pay, previously prohibited, now being phased in Concurrent VSI, SSB, in addition to Separation pay still prohibited Severance pay is also prohibited with the following exception (continued), Compensation & Pension Compensation (continued) Severance Pay is not recouped if disabilities incurred in combat zone or combat-related operations as designated by DoD Effective January 1, 2008, retirees retired as long as disability through the military DES with less than 20 years of service as long as longevity are authorized CRSC payments Retirees must apply to their service-specific CRSC Board once VA establishes entitlement to compensation Compensation & Pension

Compensation (continued) Additional in as long as mation is available at the following web sites. Army: Navy & Marine Corps: Air Force: www.afpc.r in addition to DoD: Compensation & Pension VA health care as long as all rated service-connected conditions Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment services $10,000 life insurance Federal employment preference VA loan funding fee waived Possible State in addition to local benefits as long as veterans Compensation – Related Benefits Compensation & Pension Annual clothing allowance ($716) Specially adapted homes $60,000 grant as long as cost of building, buying, remodeling, or paying indebtedness on home already acquired Grant as long as actual cost, up to $12,000, as long as adaptations to residence determined by VA to be necessary Compensation – Related Benefits (continued) Compensation & Pension

Compensation – Related Benefits (continued) Automobile grant ($11,000) in addition to adaptive equipment Military commissary & exchange privileges Compensation & Pension Pre-Discharge Program Purpose: Provide complete transition assistance to all service members May include all phases of disability claims processing from receipt of claim through examination in addition to the rating process Claims are accepted from service members within 180 days of separation or retirement Compensation & Pension Pre-Discharge Program Types of Pre-Discharge Claims Benefits Delivery at Discharge (BDD) Quick Start Disability Evaluation System (DES) Pilot Very Seriously Injured/Seriously Injured (VSI/SI) in addition to Special Category (SPC) Compensation & Pension

Pre-Discharge Program Cooperative Separation Process between DoD in addition to VA Benefits available to active duty members include: Disability (Auto Grant, TSGLI, etc.) Vocational Rehabilitation in addition to Employment Loan Guaranty Housing Grant Dependent Education Assistance (Chap 35) Compensation & Pension Pre-Discharge Program Benefits Delivery at Discharge (BDD) Specific type of pre-discharge claim Service member must: – Bring a copy of STRs/HTR – Have 60-180 days remaining in service – Remain at point of separation to complete VA exam(s) Compensation & Pension Pre-Discharge Program BDD (continued) Medical examination as long as VA in addition to DoD purposes Goal is to complete a disability rating within 60 days of separation Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment services may begin while on active duty Compensation & Pension

Pre-Discharge Program Benefits Delivery at Discharge (BDD) Service members can submit BDD packets anywhere VA accepts claims. This includes: VA Regional Offices Intake sites on military installations VA medical facilities VA claim workshops Compensation & Pension Pre-Discharge Program Benefits Delivery at Discharge (BDD) VA has a presence at: 47 Air Force bases 32 Navy bases/stations 43 Army posts 8 Marine Corps installations 7 Coast Guard sites 3 mixed comm in addition to s 2 overseas locations (L in addition to stuhl & Yongsan) Compensation & Pension Pre-Discharge Program Quick Start Claims Quick start claims are received from service members who do not qualify as long as BDD claims because they: Have less than 60 days be as long as e separation/retirement OR Are unable to attend all examinations prior to separation Compensation & Pension

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Pre-Discharge Program Quick Start Claims VA requires: VA Form 21-526c, Pre-Discharge Compensation Claim Original or copies of STRs Exception: National Guard & Reserves may file at demobilization without STRs Known date of separation A permanent address, phone number, in addition to email address Compensation & Pension Pre-Discharge Program Quick Start Claims Advantages to Quick Start claims: More service members can file claims while still on active duty Easier access to STRs while service member is on active duty Exams scheduled timely Compensation & Pension Pension Compensation & Pension

At least 90 days of active military service (generally, 24 months as long as enlistments after September 7, 1980) At least one day of wartime service (combat service not required) Totally & permanently disabled, or attained age 65 Within income limits to qualify as long as this benefit Pension Eligibility Requirements Compensation & Pension Pension Income-Based Benefit Following chart shows the monthly rate as long as veterans found eligible in addition to who have no source of countable family income that would reduce the rate If there is countable family income, the monthly rate is reduced, dollar- as long as -dollar, by the amount of countable family income Compensation & Pension Pension Sample Annual Rates Rates effective Dec. 1, 2009 Compensation & Pension

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