Waterwise Purpose of Landscaping Waterwise Landscaping



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Waterwise Purpose of Landscaping Waterwise Landscaping

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ZeroscapingLow so that No Maintenance Landscaping DesignCharacteristicsUses a variety of rocks in consideration of designSparse use of drought-resistant plantsRelies on rainwater or limited wateringBenefitsConserves waterSaves $$$Low maintenancePresents minimal pest in addition to disease problemsSaves landfill space

DisadvantagesScarcity of plant lifePossibility of unattractive aesthetic qualityXeriscapingWater ?Conservative Approach so that LandscapingCharacteristicsUses a variety of rocks so that enhance designUses multiple drought-tolerant plantsCan be very colorfulRelies on rainwater or limited watering

Routing A famous quotation from RFC 791

BenefitsConserves waterProvides attractive planning optionsPresents minimal pest in addition to disease problemsRequires low pruning in addition to maintenanceSaves landfill spaceDisadvantagesInitial cost may be highInitial cost offset by future savings?Fire Aware? LandscapingZone 1Zone 2Zone 330?10?10?

Principles in consideration of Waterwise LandscapingTips from the Office of Community Services, Fort Lewis College

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