Welcome Parents of the Class of 2020 Health in addition to Wellness Services Main Hall, Garden Level

Welcome Parents of the Class of 2020 Health in addition to Wellness Services Main Hall, Garden Level www.phwiki.com

Welcome Parents of the Class of 2020 Health in addition to Wellness Services Main Hall, Garden Level

Hammett, Michael, Host has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Welcome Parents of the Class of 2020 Health in addition to Wellness Services Main Hall, Garden Level Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM-4:30 PM Barbara Bloomer Carol Smith, RN, Deb Druar,BSN, RN Janeen Brosteau, BSN,RN PHN, RN, CNE Sr. Director Assistant Director Health in addition to Wellness Services Staff Profiles at www.snc.edu/health Sarah Cruz, Patricia Christman, Jenny DeCleene, Office Manager Insurance in addition to Billing Specialist Receptionist/secretary

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What is Health in addition to Wellness Illness, injury in addition to preventive health care Clinical Health Services NO COST: Unlimited basic health care with an RN Unlimited Counseling Services Fee as long as Service: Billed to your insurance Medical services with advanced provider or psychiatrist Immunizations, prescriptions, procedures, advance lab tests, splints, slings, etc. Transportation to off campus health appointments Metro Bus (free) Cab Vouchers (cost billed to student acct.) What Can the Health Services Nurse Do Assess your illness or injury in addition to provide basic care Assist in developing a plan of care as long as health promotion in addition to your success Per as long as m rapid tests: Strep Mono Urine Influenza in addition to more Travel Consultations Health Education Vaccinations Make appropriate referrals/follow up Coordinate care with home provider

What Do We Require To enter in as long as mation students login using: Their SNC network username (first 4 letters of last name, first in addition to middle initials) The password they created as long as their email account (e.g. Marcus Andrew Grant would be granma) https://stnorbert.medicatconnect.com/ Student’s Health History In as long as mation regarding past health/mental health conditions, allergies, in addition to medications. Any conditions requiring ongoing care on campus must a provide plan of care from their provider. http://www.snc.edu/health/docs/PlanofCareForm.pdf Health Requirements (Continued) Required immunizations Measles, Mumps in addition to Rubella, MMR (2) http://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/immunization/WIR.htm Additional Immunizations Tetanus/diphtheria,/pertussis, Tdap (with in 10 yrs.) Hepatitis B (3 doses) Meningitis A, C, W, Y (Menveo® Menactra® Menomune®); if initial meningitis vaccine was given be as long as e age 16, get a booster Meningitis B Trumenba® is given as 3 doses OR Bexsero® is given as 2 doses, at least Meningitis Vaccine link http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/hcp/vis/vis-statements/mening-serogroup.html Include all other immunizations received, even those related to travel outside of US Health Insurance Students will be automatically enrolled in the high deductible plan of the WPS/WAICU student health insurance if no insurance policy is input online (your insurance in as long as mation is the waiver out of the SNC plan). Student Health Insurance Plan: 2 options High Deductible Plan (under age 21) $127.71/ mo. Zero Deductible Plan (under age 21) $249.64/mo. For brochure in as long as mation in addition to enrollment as long as ms go to: http://www.snc.edu/health/insurance.html Health Requirements (Continued)

Health Education in addition to Prevention http://www.readsh101.com/go2snc.html Orientation Issue http://readsh101.com/go2snc-pp.html Parents A good LAUGH in addition to a long SLEEP are the best cure in the doctor’s book. –Irish Proverb ATHLETIC Requirements Physical Exams in addition to Insurance Forms For Athletes http://www.snc.edu/athletics/sportsmedicine/ Forms turned into Athletics are not linked with Health in addition to Wellness Services

QUESTIONS We will be at the Resource Fair Todd Wehr Student Center at 10:30- NOON Tomorrow. Thank you. www.snc.edu/health

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