Welcome to Kindergarten! Office Staff Our Kindergarten Teachers Café in addition to Custodians Lunch in addition to Recess Assistants

Welcome to Kindergarten! Office Staff Our Kindergarten Teachers Café in addition to Custodians Lunch in addition to Recess Assistants www.phwiki.com

Welcome to Kindergarten! Office Staff Our Kindergarten Teachers Café in addition to Custodians Lunch in addition to Recess Assistants

Blackwell, Jennifer, Host has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Welcome to Kindergarten! Hickory Center Elementary SchoolKindergarten Round-UpOffice StaffMrs. Johanningsmeier – PrincipalMrs. McClure- CounselorSecretaries –Mrs. Allen & Mrs. FoxSchool Nurse – Mrs. Beard Our Kindergarten TeachersMrs. LuckettMrs. FitchMrs. WesthoffMiss Stevens

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Café in addition to CustodiansMr. Garman in addition to Ms. BeckyMrs. Hottle Mrs. Holt, & Mrs. OttLunch in addition to Recess AssistantsMrs. Gray in addition to Mrs. MillimanMrs. Fortney in addition to Mrs. MetzgerRelated ArtsMusic: Ms. Barton P.E.: Coach B.Art: Mrs. GordonLibrary: Mrs. Auble-Simpson

Kindergarten in Action!Time as long as our new friends to visit classrooms! Students will go with teachers in addition to staff RED: Mrs. LuckettPURPLE: Mrs. FitchGREEN: Mrs. WesthoffBLUE: Miss StevensParent In as long as mation FolderRegistration – August 1st in addition to 2nd What to bring Checkbook or Pay Online Driver’s License of both parents if living within the districtBirth CertificateShot RecordsProof of Residence (utility bill (gas, water, electric) Students new to HC need proof of residency within 2 weeks of registrationDoctor/Medical In as long as mation (medications, conditions, etc.)

Parent In as long as mation FolderFirst day of school – August 11, 2016School hours2016-17 calendarKindergarten supply listSupershots in as long as mationKindergarten readinessParent In as long as mation FolderAlphabet bookKindergarten at Hickory CenterC.L.A.S.S. in addition to the LifelinesHome/school connectionSummer PacketKindergarten ReadinessMATURITY Separates from parent/guardianSit in addition to listens to a storyFollows 1-2 step directionsCan work independently Self-Help SkillsPut on coat in addition to shoesUse the restroom independently Fine Motor SkillsButtons, zips, in addition to ties shoesCuts with scissorsHolds a pencil correctly Even though a child may be 5 by August 1, 2016 they may not be ready to begin kindergarten. How do you know if your child is ready

Academic Readiness SkillsMATHColor RecognitionShape Recognition: square, circle, rectangle, triangle, in addition to hexagonCounts to 20Recognizes numbers 1-10Underst in addition to s simple patterns: red, blue, red, blue READINGRecognize all lowercase in addition to capital lettersBe ready to learn sounds WRITINGWrites first name: First letter capital in addition to the rest lowercaseWrites numbers 1-10 First Quarter WritingSecond Quarter Writing

Third Quarter WritingMath in KindergartenIndiana Department of Education in addition to Kindergarten Academic St in addition to ardshttp://www.doe.in.gov/kindergartenhttp://www.doe.in.gov/st in addition to ards

Study Trips in addition to Special DaysStudy Trips in addition to Special DaysVisiting Hickory Center Visitors must use door 1 in addition to office staff will let them in; all doors are lockedVisitors must sign in at the office in addition to pick up a badgeYou are welcome to come eat lunch with your child, please just call the office in the morning in addition to let us know. For most school events, door 2 is used in the evenings

Partnership between school in addition to homeRegular attendance in addition to punctuality are importantPlease call the school office to let us know if your child is ill or will not be at school, or if you r child will be leaving early or has an appointment Attendance letters are mailed at 8, 10 in addition to 12 undocumented absencesContact In as long as mationMake sure the school has your current contact in as long as mationEmergency ClosingsTransportationCommunicating temporary changes in transportationUpdating permanent transportation in as long as mationCar line procedures

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School SafetySchool safety teamDrillsBackground checksSROSchool Lunch Programwww.SendMoneyToSchool.comBREAKFASTSNAP Cards Lunch Options

School Nurse In as long as mationHours: 8:30-2:30, Monday through FridayTrained in CPR, AED, in addition to Epipen Provides minor injury careEnsures compliance with ImmunizationsDispenses MedicationsCalls parents/sends students home when necessaryArranges talks on food allergies, nutrition, dental care, etc.MedicationsNurse can give both prescription in addition to over-the-counter medications. Parents are asked to provide pain/headache medication when needed.Must have medication permit as long as m as long as each medication.Medication must be in child’s name in addition to in the original containerParents need to transport all medicationsImmunizations Every student in public or private schools is required to comply with required immunizations be as long as e the first day of school. Indiana Code (IC 20-34-4-5)Students who do not meet this requirement will be excluded from school.

Thank you as long as coming to Hickory Center’s Round Up! Need more in as long as mation Please check our website. www.nacs.k12.in.us

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