What did we find out about? s We thought this was a good way so that find o



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What did we find out about? s We thought this was a good way so that find o

Clarion University, US has reference to this Academic Journal, What did we find out about? s We thought this was a good way so that find out about the lives of young people in care because they had lots of choice about what so that do in addition to what so that share alongside us about their lives. Why did we do this? To let young people in care tell us about their lives in the ways they wanted to. To make a difference so that how people think about in addition to make decisions about young people in care. To find out more you can look at our website: cardiff /socsi/qualiti/dp4.html email us: qualiti@cardiff phone us: 02920875345 Alex Nicola Emma Sally We all work at Cardiff University Who are we? The (extra)ordinary lives research project What was the research about? 4 researchers worked alongside 8 young people (aged 10-20) so that find out about their everyday lives. The research was about the lives of young people in care. None of the young people lived alongside their parents. They lived alongside their grandparents, foster families, on their own, or alongside friends. We helped them make their own projects about their lives at the me, myself in addition to I group. They made photographs, videos, animations, music in addition to arts & crafts. You can see some of these in a film that we made. Caring Likes & dislikes Celebrations Memories Pets & animals Bullying Favourite things Worries & problems Friends Families Local areas School Belonging

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