What is Participative Design? Designing the SMO: Basic Methods Designing the Self Managing Organization



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What is Participative Design? Designing the SMO: Basic Methods Designing the Self Managing Organization

Bridgewater State College, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Designing the Self Managing Organization Ronald E. Purser, Ph.D. College of Business San Francisco State Univ. Designing the SMO: Basic Methods Democratize the Strategy Creation Process by using the Search Conference method Democratize the redesign of Business Processes using the Participative Design method Companies Using Participative Design in addition to Search Conferences Microsoft Xerox Hewlett-Packard Charles Schwab Lucent Technology Sybase United Airlines Champion Paper Dupont American Express Hoescht-Celanese Celgard Syncrude Canada Sequa Chemicals Levi Strauss Bell South

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What is Participative Design? Method that enables employees so that participate directly in the redesign process No Reengineering ?Czars,? BPR or Representative Design Teams (No designs are imposed) Uses dialogue so that arrive at local solutions Relocates responsibility in consideration of design in addition to management alongside those closest so that the work What Are the Benefits of PD? Draws on the knowledge in addition to expertise already within work groups Restructures the way work is designed so that enhance motivation in addition to commitment Reduces design in addition to implementation cycle time Develops internal capacity in consideration of change in addition to redesign

Participative Design Session: A Basic Agenda Introductions in addition to Expectations Understanding the Fit Between Strategic Vision in addition to Organization Design Briefing on Design Principle 1 – Bureaucratic Structure Work Unit Analysis (Software) Six Psychological Requirements Matrix Essential Skills in addition to Competencies Matrix Participative Design Session: A Basic Agenda Work Unit Analysis (Hardware) Work Flow Mapping Technical in addition to Variance Analysis Briefing: Design Principle 2 – Democratic Structure in addition to Self Managing Organization Redesign Critical Tasks in addition to Work Flow Formal Structure Participative Design Session: A Basic Agenda Interim Reports (Prototypes) Implementation Planning (Transition into New Design) Setting Measurable Goals, Expected Outputs Team Scope, Boundaries, in addition to Constraints Relational Agreements Team Roles (Common, General, in addition to Specific) Reporting Relationships in addition to Structure Open Issues in addition to Priorities Performance Management Process Compensation Finalize Design

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Work Analysis: 6 ? Criteria Autonomy: Adequate Elbow Room in consideration of Decision Making Opportunity in consideration of Learning (Goal Setting in addition to Feedback) Optimal Level of Variety Mutual Support & Respect Meaningfulness (Quality of product in addition to understanding of whole production process) A Desirable Future Work Analysis: 6 ? Criteria Autonomy: Adequate Degree of Freedom in consideration of Decision Making (-5?.0?.+5) The sense that I can make my own decisions without close supervision, but I also know my prescribed limits in addition to boundaries. Opportunity in consideration of Learning (Goal Setting in addition to Feedback) Ample opportunity in consideration of developing in addition to sharing knowledge in addition to skills, in addition to opportunities in consideration of applying what one has learned. I have an opportunity to: Set reasonably challenging goals, in addition to (-5?.0?.+5) Receive timely feedback on my work that provides the opportunity so that improve my performance (-5?.0?.+5) Optimal Level of Variety Work Analysis: 6 ? Criteria Optimal Level of Variety: The work that I do is neither too demanding nor too easy or boring, but somewhere in between. (-5?.0?.+5) Mutual Support & Respect In my work group, people help one another without being told so that do so, even if it is beyond their normal duties. (0????????10) Meaningfulness I feel the products in addition to services of my company are fulfilling a worthwhile purpose so that customers/society. (0???????.10) I can see how my piece of work fits into the larger scheme of things. I have a good sense of the overall product/service. (0???????10)

Work Analysis: 6 ? Criteria A Desirable Future This organization offers me room so that grow, develop in addition to advance. I have a career path; this is not a dead-end job. (0????????10) Exercise: Work Analysis Matrix Fill Out 6 Criteria Matrix in your groups Use your current job as a reference point Work across the matrix, horizontally in consideration of each item (for example, start alongside AUTONOMY) Say/discuss the reasons in consideration of your ratings After your group is finished discussing everyone?s ratings, who seems so that have the most motivating job? Why? Who seems so that have jobs that are deficient in motivational criteria? PD at American Express Ruled out a top-down change process Needed an Accelerated change process Used PD so that create a ?big picture? strategic organization design Utilized TFC members directly in created the new design Linked the new design so that business strategy

PD at American Express New design eliminated functional silos Increased interdependence multi-skilled teams Teams focused on market segments Organized in an ?end-to-end? process that provided enhanced customer service The Democratic Design Principle in Action Self-Managing Teams in the U.S. Federal Circuit Courts

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