What is procrastination? Who procrastinates Overcoming Procrastination



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What is procrastination? Who procrastinates Overcoming Procrastination

Beloit College, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Overcoming Procrastination The big ?P? Who procrastinates 90% of college students procrastinate 25% are chronic procrastinators What is procrastination? Avoidance of a task This task is important!! There?s a circular effect ? Avoidance = guilt/ stress/anxiety Guilt/stress/anxiety = more avoidance

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What are effects of big ?P?? Feelings of – Stress Guilt Depression Inadequacy Self-doubt Interferes alongside Personal success Academic Success Physical effects ? Illness Headaches Stomach aches etc. Rationalizations A defensive mechanism by which your true motivation is concealed by explaining your actions in addition to feelings in a way that is not threatening This job is easier when I?m in the mood in addition to I?m not in the mood. Rationalizations (Cont?d) If I wait until the last minute, I won?t spend so much time. I do my best work when I?m under pressure.

The other big ?P? ? Perfectionism You must be the best You must get an ?A? It?s not good enough I haven?t read ?everything? What will others think? Solutions Don?t confuse the task in addition to your personal worth Start early ? Do the best you can NOW Review in addition to revise Always turn SOMETHING in Self- reassurance Praise yourself Some mistakes are okay Fear of Failure Or fear of Success Failure is not getting an ?A? Imagine disaster Imagine pressure so that ?always? get an ?A? Judging yourself harshly

Today?s Topics: 1 . Proving a theorem of the form if-then, Part I Truth table in consideration of implication Proving an implication p ?q Direct Proof Template 2. Proving a theorem of the form if-then, Part II Example What we have so that work alongside Example Example

Solutions Reframe failure ? What did I learn? Make a plan in consideration of next time ? Move on Imagine success ? What did I do well? How did I feel? Compete only alongside yourself Visit the professor ? What can I do differently It?s Boring! Feelings of ambivalence Lack of involvement Is it important/necessary? Is it something I want? Solutions Focus on priorities in addition to goals ? Why am I doing this? What do I want? Apply material so that yourself Get involved ? work alongside others Challenge yourself Just start it Find optimal level of difficulty

Fear in addition to Anxiety Feeling of being overwhelmed Spend your time worrying Solutions Break it into small pieces Use a worry pad Just do one thing at a time Use time management schedules Difficulty concentrating Daydreaming Distractions Physical stuff

Solutions Control your environment Use the 5 minute rule Preread Review lecture notes Checkmark technique Personal Problems Finances Relationships Illness Depression Solutions Use campus resources Center on Career Counseling Psychological Services CDFS ? budgeting Academic Adviser Talk so that a friend, parent, professor Budget your money

Poor Time Management Little control over time Don?t know where your time is spent Lack of schedules Overinvolved Don?t know what your priorities are Solutions Keep a log of how you?re spending your time now. Summarize your time by categories ? sleep ? eat ? TV ? video games ? friends ? class study Make a weekly schedule Use a daily priority list Put tests etc on monthly calendar Benefits of overcoming ?P? Peace of mind Sense of control Feeling of strength in addition to purpose Move forward toward accomplishing personal goals

Time Management Resource Come so that Academic Success Center in BRNG 3268. Meet alongside an instructor or pick up handouts on time management Go so that our web page at purdue /asc in consideration of schedules, handouts etc. Do a search on the web under time management or procrastination Kathy Kroll Director, Academic Success Center March, 2004

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