What makes a good scientific question? Thought Swap Thought Swap



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What makes a good scientific question? Thought Swap Thought Swap

Briar Cliff College, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Thought Swap How would you define creative thinking? Thought Swap How would you define creative thinking? How would you define critical thinking? Science requires both creative in addition to critical thinking in designing both research questions in addition to experiments. Often science is thought of as dry, uncreative or boring. However those who are creative often approach science in an exciting new way.

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Questions are an essential part of science. What makes a good scientific question is that it can be answered by direct observations or alongside scientific tools. Examples of questions that are not scientific are based on values or opinions like what people believe is right or wrong, or beautiful or ugly. Scientists may start alongside a broad question such as ?Why do people get colds?? Next, they break the question down into smaller questions: Can you catch a cold from someone else? Is there a relationship between getting chills in addition to catching a cold? They state the final question in a way that can be answered by investigation or experiment. A good scientific question is ?Does getting chilled cause colds?? What makes a good scientific question? Answerable Unanswerable questions are often ?Why?? questions or questions that deal alongside opinion. Testable by an experiment or measurement Based on what is already known Repeatable When answered, often leads so that further questions Tips on Asking Good Scientific Questions Ask several questions about a topic Eliminate questions that cannot be answered alongside DIRECT OBSERVATION or by GATHERING EVIDENCE Break broad questions into smaller questions (that can be answered one at a time) Write questions so they can be answered by an experiment (?What?? questions are good question!)

1. Some people work better in the morning, in addition to other people work better in the afternoon. 2. Taking something that belongs so that another person is wrong. 3. Snakes travel in pairs. 4. Animals behave in strange ways before an earthquake. 5. People shouldn?t use things unless they can be recycled. 6. Basketball is a better sport than soccer. 7. You will remember best whatever you read just before you fall asleep. 8. Maria?s bike is faster than Charlie?s bike. 9. Each year when the weather gets cold, birds fly so that warmer regions. 10. Trucks use more gasoline than cars. Choose one of the scientific questions you developed in 1-10 above in addition to tell what kind of evidence you would need so that answer the question. How do you think a researcher could collect that evidence?

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