What Would You Do? Initiatives on Migration



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What Would You Do? Initiatives on Migration

DeVry Institute of Technology, Pomona, US has reference to this Academic Journal, The Range of Policy Choice: Legal Migration Revise legal quotas Revise criteria in consideration of entry The Range of Policy Choice: Illegal Migration Strategies in consideration of restriction: Building fences Blocking corridors (e.g., Operation Gatekeeper) Withdrawing incentives in addition to benefits (e.g., Prop 187) Punishing employers Strategies in consideration of opening: Augmenting quotas Guest-worker programs Eliminating barriers Strategies in consideration of reduction: Targeting economic development Circulating information Additional steps? Initiatives on Migration Phase 1: The Whole Enchilada (January-September 11, 2001) Phase 2: Focus on Security in addition to Border Fortification Phase 3: The Second Bush Term Temporary amnesty in consideration of those here in addition to employed Guest-worker program Eventual path so that citizenship

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OBAMA AND THE CIR Path so that citizenship: Apply in consideration of green card in 10 years, citizenship 3 years after that; pay $1,000 fine plus back taxes; stay employed in addition to learn English (faster track in consideration of Dream Act youth) Border patrol: DHS so that receive $3 billion in consideration of improved border security, including use of surveillance drones in addition to 3,500 additional agents, plus $1.5 billion in consideration of fencing. Within 5 years DHS must achieve 100 % surveillance of border in addition to apprehend 90% of illegal crossers in ?high-risk? (densely populated) areas Skilled workers: visas in consideration of skilled engineers in addition to computer programmers so that increase from 65,000 per year so that 110,00, alongside an eventual cap as high as 180,000 Guest workers: new program of 20,000 in consideration of low-skilled workers, rising so that 75,000 by 2019; limitation on farm workers Family visas: tighter restrictions on family unification; point system based on family ties in addition to work skills by 2015 What Would You Do?


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