Who we are Today’s Objectives Post HE transition in addition to success in the professional world



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Who we are Today’s Objectives Post HE transition in addition to success in the professional world

City University of New York (CUNY) System, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Post HE transition in addition to success in the professional world The National Autistic Society Emma Jones Today’s Objectives To support STEM graduates alongside ASD into sustainable employment Understand the barriers STEM graduates alongside ASD face when finding employment To provide staff alongside tools in addition to knowledge so that support candidates alongside an ASD Who we are Student in addition to Employment Service Mentoring (Funded by DSA) Practical support assistant Training in consideration of University staff in addition to Needs Assessors Employment support in consideration of graduates Work preparation in consideration of individuals alongside ASCs Training in addition to Consultancy in consideration of Employers

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What are Autism Spectrum Disorders? Life long developmental condition Triad of Impairments ? Social Communication, Social Interaction, Flexibility of Thought Affects 1% of population 4:1 ratio (male/female) ?Hidden? disability Students alongside ASDs starting University ASD Employment Figures 15% of people alongside an ASD are in full time employment 43% of people alongside an ASD have said that they have left or lost a job because of their condition 79% of people alongside autism on out-of-work benefits want so that work (NAS, 2012) Adults alongside autism should be offered individualised support if they are having difficulty maintaining employment (NICE, 2012)

STEM Graduate finishing University Making an effective occupational choice Consider strengths in addition to needs Consider level of qualification in addition to skills Relevant experience Be realistic about type of job, location, number of hours person can work in addition to effect on any benefits Understanding ASD in addition to support options Thinking about disclosure STEM Graduate looking in consideration of employment Job applications in addition to person specification Job titles/Pay/Experience needed Clarify search terms/pay scales/level of experience Essential vs. Desirable experience Weighting/demonstration of both in addition to Recognising transferable skills Using appropriate terminology in supporting information Disclosure Interviews STEM Graduate in work Managing expectations of the workplace Relationships in addition to interaction alongside colleagues Understanding the ?unwritten rules? of the workplace Performance development Executive functioning tasks

The internal market: free movement of services List of barriers in services is quite long: Bolkestein Proposal (2004) Bolkestein Proposal (2004) Opposition so that Bolkestein proposal Services Directive (2006) Services Directive (2006): free movement of services Services Directive: excluded sectors Starting point: Reveled Comparative Advantages (RCA?a) of Poland in 2005 Possible implications of the Directive in consideration of Poland Welfare effects of the Services Directive according so that CE (2005) GTAP model Tariff equivalents by Park (2002) Simulated shocks Three GTAP simulations (scenarios) Changes in real GDP Changes of Polish real output Conclusions: RCA?s of Poland Welfare gains in consideration of EU members Opponents of Bolkestein Proposal Political stance of some EU members Migrations in addition to quality of services

The Equality Act 2010 The Equality Act 2010 requires employers so that make changes so that help disabled people work. These are known as ?reasonable adjustments. The duty so that make reasonable adjustments aims so that make sure that, as far as is reasonable,ÿa disabledÿworker has the same access so that everything that is involved in doing in addition to keeping a job as a non-disabled person. Exercise Certain barriers so that employment Try so that come up alongside some possible adjustments (please be as idealistic as possible) Adjustments so that consider Create template in consideration of disclosure in addition to discuss benefits of disclosing Support at interview/in work Adjust interview questions Amended interview process/assessment centre Job trials Recommend ongoing in-work support Recommend awareness training in consideration of manager colleagues Assist individual alongside orientation Provide breakdown in addition to structure of day Job analysis – break down tasks, provide clear guidelines, create a working file

Further information Prospects Employment Service: autism /prospects Employement.training@nas 020 7704 7450 Employers Forum on Disability: efd Autism Services Directory: info.autism

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