Why is Sexual Agency Important? Sexual Agency Identifying Women?s ?Sexual Agency? in their Reports of First Sexual Encounters: A Qualitative Study



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Why is Sexual Agency Important? Sexual Agency Identifying Women?s ?Sexual Agency? in their Reports of First Sexual Encounters: A Qualitative Study

Cedar Crest College, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Identifying Women?s ?Sexual Agency? in their Reports of First Sexual Encounters: A Qualitative Study Rachel Pittard in addition to Rachel Robertson Hanover College * Sexual Agency Little research on the relatively new concept of sexual agency We hope so that elaborate in addition to expand on previous research examining the construct Sexual agency defined: ?the possession of control over one?s body in addition to sexual choices? (Phillips, 2000) ?the ability so that act according so that one?s will in a sexual realm? (Crown & Roberts, 2007) * Why is Sexual Agency Important? Our results may help improve sex education programs in addition to therapies by Encouraging women?s sexual health,ÿwell-being, in addition to satisfaction Empowering women so that be confident in addition to in control during sexual encounters

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* Positive Psychology ÿ Advocates in consideration of the study ofÿnormative subjective experience (Seligman, Steen, & Parks, 2005) Addresses positive impacts that sex can have on those who are experiencing it Examines what goes right in sexual situations * Feminismÿ Equality among genders Sexism in culture leads so that power inequities in the bedroom (Strong, Yarber, Sayad, & DeVault, 2008) Sexual scripts influence women so that be sexually passive Women often experience sex as ?something [they] went along with? (Dunn, 1998) ?Traditional femininity constitutes an unsafe sexual identity and?conventionally feminine behavior is putting young women at risk? (Holland, Ramazanoglu, Sharpe, &ÿThomson, 2000) * Research Question How do women portray themselves as agents in their reflections on theirÿfirst sexual encounter? ÿ

* Online SurveyÿDesign Recruited by email Study description page Informed consent signed electronically Demographics Four open-ended survey questions Debriefing screen * Participantsÿ (N = 21) Small mid-western College Womenÿ18-25 years (M = 20.1 yrs.) Definition of ?first sexual encounter?: Participants told: “However you define it” Additional guideline: ?Mayÿhave involvedÿgenital contact, loss of virginity, or other sexually intimate acts (beyond just kissing or non-intimate touching)? Heterosexual, homosexual, in addition to bisexual * Questionnaireÿ Elicited in-depth narratives regarding their emotional experiences of the first sexual encounter Not looking in consideration of details, but feelings about the experience Four questions, each building upon the other

Routing Measurements: Three Case Studies

* Initial Questionÿ ÿ ?Immediately following your first sexual encounter, what were your initial thoughts in addition to feelings about, or reactions to, the experience?? * Follow-up Questions 2. ?Looking back on that experience, what are your current thoughts in addition to feelings about your first sexual encounter?? 3. ?How do you currently evaluate your choice so that engage in your first sexual encounter?? 4. ?Do you have any additional thoughts in addition to feelings about that experience now? Is there anything else about your reactions that we have not asked about which you feel is important?? 1st Coding Scheme: Agency Dimensions Connection Disconnection Interaction Isolation Activity Passivity

* 1st Coding Scheme: Agency CONNECTION: attachment or bond alongside the experience Joni: ?I felt intrigued in addition to somewhat mesmerized by the whole experience.?ÿÿ DISCONNECTION: disengagement from the experience Judy: ?It was a very uncomfortable in addition to forced experience.? 1st Coding Scheme: Agency INTERACTION: reciprocal action in addition to equality between the sexual partners Marie: ?It made me feel close so that the person as though we had some type of connection between the two of us.?ÿ ISOLATION: feeling separated from the sexual partner Cathy: ?I felt badÿguilty. My boyfriend said we should not have done it. He wanted so that try it in the first place. I was very confused.?ÿ * 1st Coding Scheme: Agency ACTIVITY: making in addition to asserting decisions in addition to participating by one?s own will Carly: ?I only had sexual experiences that I was OK with.? PASSIVITY: being submissive in addition to receiving others? actions Brandy: ?It was something I went along with.?

* 2nd Coding Scheme: Affective Contentÿ Positive Affect: favorable feelings about the experience and/or self Experience Katie: ?It was ultimately a comfortable, happy experience alongside a loving partner.? Self (esteem) Deb: ?It was my own decision in addition to if I were so that do it again, it would have probably happened in much the same way.? 2nd Coding Scheme: Affective Contentÿ Negative Affect: unfavorable feelings about the experience and/or self Experience Jenna: ?Horror, shame, disappointment, fear. I have come so that accept it as just a mistake .? Self (esteem) Cathy: ?I cannot get over the idea that I am a bad person when I do that stuff. ? Interpretive Analysis Patterns of how agency is portrayed Variations of sexual agency described within the three dimensions Patterns of affective content were compared so that agency portrayals on the three dimensions

Fully Agentic Connection, interaction, in addition to activity No nonagentic codes Described encounters positively Katie: ?I don?t regret it in addition to I wouldn?t change anything about it. I?m happy alongside the choice I made knowing it was alongside the right person in addition to at the right time.? Partially Agentic Less than 3 agentic codes 3 or less agentic codes in addition to 1 or more nonagentic codes Ambivalence: described encounters both positively in addition to negatively Cathy: ?I thought I was ready, but looking back I wish I had been more emotionally mature. I am still getting over the guilt, but it has made me a stronger person.? Fully Nonagentic Disconnection, isolation, in addition to passivity No agentic codes Described encounters negatively Jenna: ?In my particular instance I was very disappointed in addition to horrified by my own lack of self-control. My biggest fears following the encounter were that sex would always be like that in addition to that my friends would find out about it (they still haven?t).?

Sexual Agency Research Homogenous population Normative views Benefits of elaborating the concept of sexual agency Improve sex education programs Empower women so that be active sexual agents

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