WICHE Basics How WUE Works WUE Trends Hitting the Road Where do CA students go

WICHE Basics How WUE Works WUE Trends Hitting the Road 	Where do CA students go www.phwiki.com

WICHE Basics How WUE Works WUE Trends Hitting the Road Where do CA students go

Preston, Mike, Midday Host has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Western Undergraduate Exchange NCIAC Meeting Friday October 14 2011 Bernie Day, Foothill College WICHE Basics WICHE: Western Interstate Commission on Higher Education 15 states: ALASKA ARIZONA CALIFORNIA COLORADO HAWAII IDAHO MONTANA NEVADA NEW MEXICO NORTH DAKOTA OREGON SOUTH DAKOTA UTAH WASHINGTON WYOMING Many programs in addition to initiatives, including Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) 10-15-2011 Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) 145 colleges in addition to universities participate 10 CSU campuses participate Residents of Western states may attend college in other Western states as long as reduced tuition 150% of non-resident rate (or less) May be less expensive than CA colleges in addition to universities Admission criteria varies Contact individual campuses as long as details 10-15-2011

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How WUE Works Students apply directly to participating college/university 60 universities accept transfer students 8 will accept IGETC or CSU GE/IGETC Available in most majors (including nursing, business, engineering) Online search engine by state in addition to major No financial need requirement 10-15-2011 WUE Trends 2010-2011: approximately 28,000 students saved $210 million in tuition 2010-2011: Nearly 8,000 CA-outbound WUE students 2010-2011: Approx. 1100 inbound WUE students Since 2006, CA WUE students increased 275% CA sends most students; receives least students 10-15-2011 Hitting the Road Where do CA students go 10-15-2011 Source: WICHE 2010-2011

What Students Are Saying “Without WUE I would not be where I am today. My parents wouldn’t have been able to af as long as d CSU, so there as long as e I would not have been able to attend. I am very grateful as long as this program. I love CSU in addition to am so glad that I had the opportunity to attend this fine school, thanks to WUE.” Sydney, Cali as long as nia resident Class of 2014, Colorado State University 10-15-2011 “The WUE program has significantly helped me with my goal of becoming a teacher in addition to in continuing my education. I am now able to go to my school of choice without the stress of figuring out how to pay as long as the out-of-state tuition. WUE has given me the opportunity to experience living in addition to learning in a different state in addition to in a place where I feel I can learn the most. I really appreciate the help WUE has given me – without it, I could not af as long as d such an experience. Thank you very much! ” Leslie, Cali as long as nia resident Class of 2014, Music Education, Central Washington University “Without WUE I would not be able to attend Colorado State University. WUE has been of essential assistance in my ability to af as long as d my education. I love attending CSU in addition to know I would not be able to do it without WUE.” Amy, Cali as long as nia resident Class of 2013, Colorado State University, Business Marketing 10-15-2011 Supporting WUE Students Spread the word! Train counselors, in as long as m students Establish clear in addition to streamlined transfer pathways Explore CIAC’s role Create a CIAC Ad Hoc Committee Secure IGETC/CSU GE acceptance Create CCC WUE transfer brochure Collaborate with WICHE to increase WUE transfer colleges Partner with CCCCO 10-15-2011

For More In as long as mation http://wiche.edu/wue/ 10-15-2011

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