With Scotl in addition to receiving reduced funding from the EU does the EU continue to matter Bristol Accord (Dec 2005)

With Scotl in addition to receiving reduced funding from the EU does the EU continue to matter Bristol Accord (Dec 2005) www.phwiki.com

With Scotl in addition to receiving reduced funding from the EU does the EU continue to matter Bristol Accord (Dec 2005)

Nick,, On-Air Personality has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Adrian Colwell Visiting Senior Research Fellow November 2007 EU27 Scotl in addition to 2003 Coalition Government 2007 Minority Government 2003 Partnership Agreement: Themes Growing Scotl in addition to ’s Economy Excellent Public Services Stronger, Safer Communities Confident, Democratic Scotl in addition to Extensive commitments Big legislative programme 2007 Programme as long as Government:Objectives Wealthier in addition to fairer Healthier Safer in addition to stronger Smarter Greener Focused commitments Small legislative programme, emphasis on non legislative measures – 11 Bills Sep’07

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Smaller Government & smaller Scottish Cabinet – 6 full members, FM & 5 Cabinet Secretaries Dep FM & CS Health & Wellbeing CS Finance & Sustainable Growth CS Education & Lifelong Learning CS Justice CS Rural Affairs & Environment More joined up politically with larger Directorates Consultation Papers – Housing / Economy Spending Review 2007 Work with UK government to increase Scotl in addition to ’s role in Devolved areas –lead in fishery negotiations. Seek creation of EU Renewable in addition to Low Carbon Energy Research Centre in Scotl in addition to Energy collaboration via a north sea grid Improve direct contacts with the Commission Closer relations with other parliaments Re as long as m Parliamentary scrutiny of EU legislative proposals Enhance procedures as long as implementing EU legislation & post-implementation monitoring With Scotl in addition to receiving reduced funding from the EU does the EU continue to matter

The European Union Faces globalisation Economic challenge from USA, China & SE Asia How does the EU27 remain Competitive create jobs support sustainable growth & development The Lisbon agenda as long as jobs & growth The goals as long as environmental sustainability set in Gothenburg The principles of effective governance agreed in Warsaw The EU has: 27 Member States Internal market – 493 million citizens economic in addition to social disparities between countries & 268 regions one region in four GDP per inhabitant under 75% of the average of the EU27

Improve the attractiveness of regions & cities Encourage innovation, entrepreneurship & growth of the knowledge economy Create more & better jobs Key Questions: How to address the social impact of migration across EU How best to tackle social deprivation & its economic impact How to minimise crime How best to secure the energy efficiency design of buildings & waste minimisation

The ability to: use financial innovation techniques build in environmental management & waste minimisation techniques design regeneration approaches to secure sustainable growth & reduce pollution tackle l in addition to remediation effectively consult & engage the community Bristol Accord (Dec 2005) Leipzig Charter (May 2007) Create high quality public spaces Modernise infrastructure networks & improve energy efficiency Proactive innovation & educational policies Consider deprived neighbourhoods in context of whole city Upgrade the physical environment Strengthen local economy & local labour market policy Education & training policies as long as children & young people Promote efficient & af as long as dable urban transport

Demographics & an ageing Europe. Climate Change impact on l in addition to use & securing sustainable economic growth. Security of energy supply. Maintaining the value of assets. Addressing the spatial impacts of growth.

Examine economic in addition to physical development Develop EU skills of politicians, senior policy makers in addition to practitioners Learn from EU practice as well as policy by building policy links Need a as long as um as long as regular dialogue with key EU & EC officials Need a as long as um as long as debate on EU trends affecting Scotl in addition to ‘An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come’ – Victor Hugo

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