Working at height with towers: which bits are you missingWhich bits are you mis

Working at height with towers: which bits are you missingWhich bits are you mis

Working at height with towers: which bits are you missingWhich bits are you mis

Robison, Barbara, Contributing Writer has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Working at height with towers: which bits are you missingWhich bits are you missingSelectionBuildInspectionCompetence Which bits are you missing

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About PASMA The Prefabricated Access Suppliers in addition to Manufacturers AssociationFormed in 1974Represents the mobile access tower industry in the UKIs the recognised training provider in addition to authority as long as mobile access towersWorking with the regulatory authorities in addition to st in addition to ards setting bodies Which bits are you missingNOT EN1004H Frame or Domestic steel towerDo not have proper plat as long as msDo not have built in accessNot supplied with stabilisersHave guardrail dimensions that would not prevent a fall EN1004 Mobile Access TowerSupplied with guardrails with dimensions to prevent a fallTrapdoor plat as long as ms to permit safe access in addition to prevent falls at 2m intervalsSupplied with toe boards to prevent the fall of materialsSupplied with purpose built access ladders or stairs inside the towerSupplied with correct number of secure plat as long as msSupplied with correct number in addition to size of stabilisersInstructions comply with st in addition to ard BS EN1298Safe method of assembly in addition to dismantling

SAFE BUILD 3T – Through The TrapAGR – Advance Guard RailINSPECTIONRecorded pre-use inspections following assembly of the tower:Inspect after assembly, be as long as e useAt least every 7 days it remains in useAfter any event that may have caused the tower to be unsafe Routine recorded inspections on the components of the towerCOMPETENCY

TOWER CHECKLISTInstruction manual availableGuardrail height in addition to gaps correctToe boards in placePlat as long as ms secure on horizontals in addition to wind-locks engagedPlat as long as m trapdoors over access in addition to opening towards outside of towerEnd frame interlock clips engagedBraces in correct position in addition to hooks locked onSmallest frame at the base of towerStabilisers correctly positionedTOWER CHECKLISTBallast (if used) of correct type, correctly positioned in addition to secureIf tied in, ties are adequateTower is vertical in addition to levelAdjustable legs not over-extendedBrakes applied, wheels in contact with groundBase plates (if used) in contact with groundGround conditions are appropriateWeather conditions – wind speedInspection record completed

Which bits are you missingSelect the right equipment as long as the jobEnsure it is built, used in addition to dismantled safely by a competent personEnsure it is inspected by a competent personDon’t use a Tower that is lacking safety critical components DISCUSSION & QUESTIONSWorking at height with towers: which bits are you missingThank you as long as your Attention

Robison, Barbara Produce Business Contributing Writer

Robison, Barbara Contributing Writer

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