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ÿ ÿ Patrick Dempsey Bridget Fitzpatrick Heather Garber Keith Hout Jong Soo

Deaconess College of Nursing, US has reference to this Academic Journal, ÿ ÿ Patrick Dempsey Bridget Fitzpatrick Heather Garber Keith Hout Jong Soo Mok ÿ PROJECT PLAN REVIEW September 26, 2000 PROPULSION Critical Dates: 26 SEP- Motor choice complete -Historical database complete -Gearbox/controller selected 27 SEP- Propeller geometry compiled -Basic aerodynamic propeller components calculated 28 SEP- Propulsion PDR #1 13 OCT- Wind tunnel propeller test/ motor test complete 14 OCT- Propeller geometry finalized 17 OCT- Propulsion PDR #2 Equipment Needed: -Wind tunnel -Test stand in consideration of motor -Propeller pitch gage Purchase Estimates: -Electric motor/gearbox/controller -$380 -Propellers -$20 AERODYNAMICS Critical Dates: 30 SEP- Airfoil selection (wings, vertical tail, horizontal tail) complete CL, Clmax, Drag Polar complete 02 OCT- XFOIL analysis complete, CMARC/ PMARC analysis initialized 03 OCT- Aerodynamic PDR #1 14 OCT- CMARC/ PMARC analysis complete 19 OCT- Aerodynamic PDR #2 Design Tools Utilized: XFOIL CMARC PMARC

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STRUCTURES Critical Dates: 01 OCT- Geometry wing, spars, rib location complete 02 OCT- Material properties compiled 03 OCT- Theoretical structural analysis complete 05 OCT- Structures in addition to Weight PDR 11 OCT- Begin building wing box in consideration of testing 16 OCT- Structures tests complete Equipment Needed: -Modeling tools Purchase Estimates: -Building material-$140.00 -Covering-$60.00 DYNAMIC MODELING Critical Dates: 06 OCT- Dynamic modeling analysis complete 12 OCT- Dynamic modeling PDR Design Tools Utilized: Matlab BUILD in addition to TEST Critical Dates: 08 NOV- Plane built 14 NOV- Flight readiness checks complete 16 NOV- Modelers flight readiness checks 19 NOV- Modification from readiness checks complete 21 NOV- Official first flight

DESIGN REPORTS in addition to PRESENTATIONS Critical Dates: 19 OCT- Thiokol Design Report rough draft complete 26 OCT- Thiokol Design Report due 29 OCT- Critical Design Review presentation complete 31 OCT- Critical Design Review presentation 02 DEC- Design Report finalized in addition to ready in consideration of review 03 DEC- Summary Project presentation complete 05 DEC- Summary Project presentation 08 DEC- Thiokol Final Design Report due HISTORICAL DATABASES QUESTIONS ?

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