Your Creative Job Search Creative Job Search Five Objectives of the Career Change System

Your Creative Job Search Creative Job Search Five Objectives of the Career Change System

Your Creative Job Search Creative Job Search Five Objectives of the Career Change System

Steckner, Susie, Freelance Reporter has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal JOBTALKS Your Creative Job Search Indiana University Kelley School of Business C. R in addition to all Powell, Ph.D Contents used in this presentation are adapted from Career Planning Strategies in addition to used with the permission of the author. Creative Job Search How to Get the Job You Really Want! How will you go about locating in addition to interviewing as long as the perfect professional opportunity that you really want Five Objectives of the Career Change System Set career objectives Identify job opportunities Techniques of the creative job search How to position yourself Control your own career

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Seven Basic Principles of Career Change There is nothing wrong with being out of a job. The average successful person will have 10 full-time jobs in addition to 4 career changes. There are always jobs available. Unexpected job loss is an opportunity. Success in the job market is predictable. Do what other successful people do. There are always jobs as long as the creative person Who is willing to work at the professional job search! Traditional Job Search Answering Newspaper Ads Browsing Web Sites Sending Out Resumes Using Employment Services Using Career Centers Traditional Job Search but, instead of that – or in addition to that – let’s get a little creative

Creative Job Search A different approach Enables you to get a better job Develops character, intelligence in addition to imagination Makes you a better in addition to more optimistic person Enables you to have more fun at work Begins with you Where the Jobs Are Job Availability There are always thous in addition to s of jobs available. Every company is a job market. Every department in every company is a job market. Every individual who can hire is a job market. What the Jobs Are A job is an opportunity to render useful service. A job is labor applied to achieve a certain result. One person can help you create a job, if he uses the Universal Hiring Rule: An employer will hire you if you contribute more in financial value to the organization than what it costs the organization to employ you.

Qualities Most Desired by Employers Intelligence Leadership Ability Integrity Sincerity Competence Courage Determination Creative Job Search Three Key Points: Analyze your strengths in addition to abilities. Seek out opportunities to maximize your personal potential. Select a career with the same care that you would as if you were getting married. Prospecting Identifying companies that can best use your talents, abilities, background in addition to experience. List prospective organizations. Rank you prospects in order of their desirability, in addition to allocate your research time accordingly.

Creative Job Re-Search Begin by moving from the general to the specific: Websites Encyclopedia Magazines Books Ask as long as advice Use your contacts Interview non-employers Ask as long as referrals Become an expert NOTE: An earlier discussion presentation may be useful: 84, Researching the Job Market. You can view the PowerPoint on line – check your X420 syllabus. Prospecting Pre-Approach – gather in as long as mation about each company in which you are interested. Approach – get an appointment with your networking contact. Ask as long as in as long as mational interview. In as long as mational Interviewing You are the interviewer. The first 30 seconds are the most important. Next 4 minutes determines whether or not the person likes you. Thank interviewee as long as his time. Go in with an agenda; questions. Write down answers. After 15-30 minutes, excuse yourself with thanks as long as the time. Leave door open, ask if you can come back if you have more questions. Write thank-you note. Never accept or respond to a job offer during in as long as mational interview.

In as long as mational Interviewing – The Challenge You are being judged People are not stupid – if you treat the in as long as mational interview like a direct job-hunting technique, they will feel used in addition to it will do you no good. People are flattered by honest interest in their work – a good in as long as mational interview leaves them thinking well of you People will remember – if your questions in addition to comportment reflect intelligence, sincerity in addition to competence .of if not. In as long as mational Interviewing – The Challenge You are being judged People are not stupid – They know, or will assume, that you are job hunting. Diffuse this by honesty . “Yes, I am looking as long as the perfect job. I hope our interview today will help me define that as long as myself more clearly.” People are flattered by honest interest in their work “Hello, I am interested in your field in addition to wonder if you could spare a little time to help me decide whether it is the field as long as me.” Remember – People will remember. Getting the Job You Want Where you want to work Who you want to work as long as What you want to be doing Call back the person you interviewed. Keep in touch Leave “feelers” Once you have chosen .

Sales Presentation Tell how you can contribute to the organization. Explain why you’ve chosen this company in addition to this person to work as long as . List problems you could solve. Explain how your knowledge in addition to experience relate to the job you want. Explain the benefits the company would get from hiring you. How to sell yourself to a person who has not thought of hiring you: Evaluation Questions: Discussion Session 19 Creative Job Search 1) I found the presentation of material easy to underst in addition to . 2) This discussion session increased my knowledge on the subject presented. 3) I will be able to use some of the in as long as mation from this discussion session in the future. 4) The presenter was well prepared as long as this discussion session. 5) This presentation should be repeated in future semesters. Use: a. Strongly agree b. Agree c. Disagree d. Strongly Disagree e. Don’t know If you would like to learn more, Career Planning Strategies textbook will supply additional in as long as mation on this topic.

Steckner, Susie Arizona Republic Freelance Reporter

Steckner, Susie Freelance Reporter

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