YOUR FACULTY/STAFF ADVISOR WILL HELP YOU . . .Maintain your organization?s


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YOUR FACULTY/STAFF ADVISOR WILL HELP YOU . . .Maintain your organization?s

Bartlesville Wesleyan College, US has reference to this Academic Journal, ORIENTATION WORKSHOP Presented by the Office ofStudent Life in addition to Development2010 – 2011WORKSHOP GOALSOrient students so that the roles in addition to responsibilities of Student Life & Development (SLD) in addition to Faculty/Staff Advisors.Orient students so that SLD programs in addition to services.Orient students so that campus scheduling in addition to publicity/posting regulations. GOALS OF STUDENT LIFE & DEVELOPMENT Promote opportunities in consideration of campus in addition to community involvement through student organizations, leadership training in addition to experiences, in addition to community service.Support in addition to advise the many programs in addition to events student organizations provide so that the campus community.

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ANNUAL REGISTRATION OF STUDENT ORGANIZATIONSOrganization Registration Card (ORC) deadlines:October 1March 1EligibilityUndergrads 6 units; Grads 3 units 2.0 GPA in addition to no probation of any kindOrientation WorkshopEvent planning ability expires August 31, 2011Must attend annuallyBENEFITS OF BEING INVOLVEDSocial connections in addition to sense of communityMake positive differencesDevelop transferable skillsInteract alongside faculty, alumni, etc.Increase likelihood so that succeed academicallyExposure so that career developmentEnhance r‚sum‚YOUR SLD ADVISOR WILL HELP YOU . . .Clarify program goals in addition to objectivesPlan your event in addition to establish timelinesGenerate ideas so that publicize your eventGenerate ideas so that recruit in addition to retain membersWith budgeting in addition to Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) grantsUnderstand the University regulations in addition to policiesBuild your leadership in addition to organizational skillsGenerate ideas so that solve problemsGet connected so that referrals in addition to resources

YOUR FACULTY/STAFF ADVISOR WILL HELP YOU . . .Maintain your organization?s structureUnderstand in addition to abide by your Constitution & BylawsWhile you plan your event in addition to attend your eventsMaintain a connection alongside your officers in addition to membersGenerate ideas so that recruit in addition to retain membersTrain incoming officers in consideration of transitionGenerate ideas on how so that maintain a record of your organization?s accomplishmentsS.H.E.L.L.S.Successful Higher Education Leadership Learning SkillsOfficer ManualOfficer Transition ManualFinancial Budgetary ManualOrganizational Meeting Manual csulb /sld under ?Forms?SCHEDULING DEADLINESEvents may not be scheduled during final examination period. The following deadlines in consideration of filing forms, completion of program details, in addition to approvals in addition to payment of fees must be met before the program can be confirmed:major programs, concerts, speakers, conferences ? 4 weeks prior so that programworkshops, seminars, events being catered, hot food sales, student filming ? 2 weeks prior so that programgeneral meetings, bake sales, information tables ? 5 business days prior so that the program

Course Overview Principles of Operating Systems Chapter Overview Deadlock in addition to Starvation Motivation Objectives ?Deadlocked? Systems Deadlock Principles Starvation Examples Starvation Solution Starvation Resource Types Example Reusable Resources Example Consumable Resources Deadlock on Resources Resource Allocation Graphs Resource Allocation Graphs Resource Allocation Graph alongside Cycle Resource Allocation Graph alongside Deadlock Cycles in addition to Deadlocks Safe States Safe State Space Dining Philosophers, Again Why Deadlock? Conditions in consideration of Deadlock Mutual Exclusion Hold in addition to Wait No Preemption Circular Wait Deadlock Examples Studying Students Students Evaluation Traffic Intersection Traffic Evaluation Narrow Tunnel Tunnel Evaluation Single-Track Railroad Airline Reservation System Reservation Evaluation Dealing alongside Deadlocks Dealing alongside Deadlocks Deadlock Prevention Denying Mutual Exclusion Denying Hold And Wait Denying No Preemption Denying Circular Wait Safe Philosophers Philosophers alongside Monitors Philosophers alongside Monitors (cont.) Deadlock Avoidance Safe State Example Safe State Space Bank Safe State Space Banker?s Algorithm Example Banker?s Algorithm Example 1 Banker?s Algorithm Ex. 1 Resource Allocation Graph Example 1 (cont.) Example 1 (cont.) Example 1 (cont.) Example 1 (cont.) Example 1 (cont.) Example 1 (cont.) Example 1 (cont.) Example 1 (cont.) Example 1 (cont.) Outcome Example 1 Example 2 Banker?s Algorithm Ex. 2 Resource Allocation Graph Example 2 (cont.) Example 2 (cont.) Example 2 (cont.) Example 2 (cont.) Outcome Example 2 Detection in addition to Recovery Detection: Single Instance Resource Allocation Graphs Detection: Multiple Instances Recovery Ignoring the Problem Deadlock in Operating Systems Example Combined Approach Solution Combined Approach Important Concepts in addition to Terms Summary Deadlocks

POSTING REGULATIONS Event must be advised, scheduled, confirmed in addition to approved prior so that the release of any program publicity.IDENTIFICATION OF PUBLICITYAll publicity must state the sponsoring organization, name of programs in addition to date, time, location in addition to contact in consideration of the event. TIME LIMITSAll publicity material may be posted no more than seven school days prior so that the event in addition to must be removed no later than three days following the event.POSTING REGULATIONSFLYERSNo approval needed so that post onPOSTERS25 posters on stakes maximum. SLD approval required.BANNERS & SIGNSOnly five signs or two signs in addition to three banners are allowed in consideration of posting per event. SLD approval needed.POSTING in the USU Besides any approvals needed from SLD, approval is also required from ASI Marketing, USU-312. BANK ACCOUNTSASI Agency AccountASI Grant AccountNo off campus accounts

FUNDRAISING & SCHOLARSHIPSSee your SLD Advisor if your student organization is planning on fundraising or offering a scholarship(s) so that CSULB students:Cash Donation ProcessT.V. Show Taping ProcessGift In Kind Donation ProcessScholarship Process SLD PROGRAMS & SERVICESLois J. Swanson Leadership Resource CenterLeadership AcademyAmerican Indian Student ServicesPartners in consideration of SuccessStudent Resource CentersStudent TravelVisit SLD website : csulb /sldMore info on our services in addition to programsCopies of all forms mentioned under ?Forms?Register on-line in consideration of several programs in addition to services we offerCONGRATULATIONS!You are now ready so that plan in addition to implement your events!Your name will be forwarded so that the USU-CEC in addition to the ASBO within three days (72 hours) of this workshop.Are there any questions?

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