ÿThe Environmental Fluid Dynamics Lecture SeriesPresents a Seminar Professo



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ÿThe Environmental Fluid Dynamics Lecture SeriesPresents a Seminar Professo

Carthage College, US has reference to this Academic Journal, ÿThe Environmental Fluid Dynamics Lecture SeriesPresents a Seminar Professor Cristian PicioreanuAssociate ProfessorBiofilms InstituteDept of BiotechnologyDelft University, The NetherlandsTuesday, April 8Dean?s Boardroom, 258 Fitzpatrick11am-12noon Biofilm formation in porous media is determined by a multitude of processes not only different in nature, but also in spatial in addition to temporal scales, making in general the whole system challenging so that study. This presentation will introduce concepts in addition to approaches so that biofilm modeling at pore scale. On the whole, we couple two- or three-dimensional fluid dynamics models alongside solute transport supplying nutrients in consideration of biofilm development in complex geometry media. The biofilm formation can be described by particle-based models, alongside growth dependent of nutrient concentrations in addition to detachment as a function of shear stress induced by flow. Mineral precipitation can also be introduced in the particle-based framework.ÿ A first application evaluates the impact of biofilms on proppant packed fractures in shale gas reservoirs. Simulations of two phase flow indicated that although hydrophobic proppant grains provide better dewatering than hydrophilic surfaces, biofilms can worsen the dewatering. Model extensions show how biofilm lysis can create flow paths continuously changing position even after the medium permeability reached steady state.ÿ The second example describes the effect of biofilm growth in spacer-filled channels of reverse osmosis membrane devices in consideration of water desalination. The 3-d numerical simulations show how biofilm accumulation strongly affects the feed channel pressure drop in addition to liquid channeling. Furthermore, accumulation of salts near the membrane in addition to mineral precipitation is stimulated by the biofilm.ÿ Finally, computations of fluid-structure interaction in addition to mass transfer enhancement in flow-induced oscillating biofilm streamers will be presented. Micro-scale numerical models in consideration of biofilm formation in porous media

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